Because information alone does not contain the answers — people do.

Imagine the remarkable things your people will do when they can find and connect with the right expertise ... easily.

Networks are important, and in our fast-paced world they are key to unlocking economic prosperity in ecosystems. Despite all the breakthroughs in content and information discovery, the explosion of content has made it harder than ever to find the right answer, yet there are people with expertise in your ecosystem who can help but cannot be easily found!
LaunchSpot enables your community/organization to move forward by making it super easy to find the people with connections or expertise in your ecosystem. We believe that information alone does not contain the answers — people do.

Key benefits

Easy adoption

Our super fast setup makes it easy for your people to get started with creating connections and finding people in the network who have answers.

  • 140-character “Ask Me About” description
  • LinkedIn data fills out each profile
  • Connect each profile to organizational tags

Super search

Our search and filtering tools make it easy for you to find expertise, wherever it might be. Your people will get more done with the time they save.

  • Less time looking, more time doing
  • Remove obstacles to getting answers fast
  • Help your people help each other

Amazing analytics

Our platform helps you gain insights on your people and your organization including a breakdown by specific skills or high-level expertise.
  • Use our API to integrate with other systems
  • Understand your talent base
  • Generate reports on your network

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For enterprise organizations

Learn how to empower your people with a better networking tool. LaunchSpot helps strengthen the network each of your people can tap in to whenever they need help: they can find people, accomplish tasks and make great decisions.
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For startup/vc communities

See how LaunchSpot can help your portfolio of companies or startups build businesses fast, by connecting your entrepreneurs, mentors and alumni quickly. You can also use our analytics tools and API module to build a stronger community and get the word out.
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About Us

We have decades of experience building web solutions for internal collaboration, social business and expertise location at some of the world's largest financial-services, media and technology companies. We've conceived, designed, built, improved and rolled out systems for IT, human resources, marketing and sales teams.

Rob Darling CEO | LinkedIn Twitter

The former director responsible for Manulife Canada’s technology strategy, including extensive strategy on national and global collaboration. He has built software that has served customers across Canada and around the world. He also worked for both the Ministry of Education and Mohawk College where the common thread of innovation and collaboration emerged. He was featured in the Globe and Mail as one of Waterloo’s emerging entrepreneurs and by nature he is a product guy, idea generator and software engineer.

John Clark Software Engineer | LinkedIn

A software engineer with many years of experience working with a broad range of technologies, he loves the challenge of solving complex problems. He is skilled in all things db, api and web – a full-stack developer. In the past he’s worked with marketing and design companies such as zFactor and Quarry Communications where he also worked with major technology companies, including building internal portals for Blackberry and working on Wyndham Hotels online store. He also developed two previous startup applications – experience he now applies to LaunchSpot.

Read more about how we got started: the LaunchSpot story.

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