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A Few Of Our Customers


Our Team

We are based in Waterloo Region, Canada!

Rob Darling


Husband. Father. Hockey Coach. Passionate about creating community, education, family, startups/tech and hockey.

John Clark

Software Engineer

I love the challenge of solving complex problems and using technology to enable people.

Lahiru Priyadarshana

Software Engineer

I studied Software Engineering at the University of Westminster, London. I am fascinated with technologies that improve interactions between human and machine.

Mike Yaworski

Software Engineer

I'm a student of Software Engineering at University of Waterloo. I love computer programming - I really do enjoy school and learning - I'm a nerd.

Emil Smolders

Director of Academic Communities

I love creating spaces that bring people together – everything from cooking to the lens of my camera to technology. Proud to be a University of Guelph Alumni.


Rock Star

I am passionate about communities, software and...

Our Story


The Start

Out of hundreds of applicants we were selected for an accelerator program in Waterloo, Canada based on our news/social aggregator product. The accelerator had 110 mentors and 50 alumni + 50 peers in the network. We noticed something: people in the network had trouble finding others in the same network (peers, alumni and mentors) who had expertise they needed.

The Problem

We all wanted to leverage the network but it was painful and took too long to find the right person and staff felt they were the bottleneck when receiving requests. I noticed this same problem at Manulife, Mohawk College and the Ministry of Education when staffing project teams or looking for a person who could provide context on a problem. The bigger the organization the harder it is to find the people.

The Serendipity Of Help

Leveraging the network is a critical part of an organization’s success. Based on our experience the accelerator staff asked if we could help with the problem. We were busy with our existing product but we wanted to help the community so we said “we’ll build you something over the weekend – if you like it you can use it.” So we did just that and the first version was focused on making it really easy to get started (low friction on-boarding) and connecting the network. The community liked it and word spread.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Through an initial integration with, Paul Singh (CEO of Corp. and a partner at 500 Startups at this time), saw LaunchSpot and loved it! Paul invited me to a VC/Accelerator Symposium that he was running. So I flew out to the event and listened to 60 organizations like Union Square Ventures and TechStars talk about their problems. A major theme was connecting the network and not being the bottleneck to the expertise within the network. They had tried many tools and none of them met their needs (a trend we are seeing in the Enterprise/Corporate space as well). These platforms focus too much on content as well as status updates, and both social and mentor platforms take too long to setup a profile that is actually useful (high friction).


When I returned we talked to more organizations to understand if the problem was still an issue for them. The answer was YES! So we built some more and went to market with the first full SaaS offering of LaunchSpot in the fall of 2013. When we started working on LaunchSpot, we thought it was a weekend project that would help our community in Waterloo, Canada. Little did we know what would happen next...

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