Because information alone does not contain the answers — people do.

Imagine the remarkable things your people will do when they can find and connect with the right expertise ... easily.

Networks have always been important, but now they are the first place people go to share, inquire, learn and get things done. The internet and easily accessible information has changed the way we work — but it still takes a village (or a team or a community) to transform an idea into reality.


Successful organizations help each person create and nurture robust individual networks with colleagues, peers and mentors from inside and outside their own organization. By making people matter, your organization creates the leaders of tomorrow.

Key benefits

Easy adoption

Our super fast setup makes it easy for your people to get started with creating connections and finding people in the network who have answers.

  • 140-character “Ask Me About” description
  • LinkedIn data fills out each profile
  • Connect each profile to organizational tags

Super search

Our search and filtering tools make it easy for you to find expertise, wherever it might be. Your people will get more done with the time they save.

  • Less time looking, more time doing
  • Remove obstacles to getting answers fast
  • Help your people help each other

Amazing analytics

Our platform helps you gain insights on your people and your organization including connection strength, interactions and automatically identifying skills gaps.

  • Use our API to keep your website up to date
  • Promote the experts in your organization
  • Generate reports on your network’s health

Plus much more…

Simple and fast setup

For enterprise, associations and startup communities
It takes minutes — not weeks — to set up a new community. Getting your people on board is a snap, too, because our authentication via LinkedIn means creating a profile takes seconds, not hours. You can easily manage your community membership through our convenient admin panel.

Search and filter your community

For enterprise, associations and startup communities
Finding and connecting with the right people in your private community is easy because you can search by name, work or educational history, or skills. And coming soon our “Answers” section will let people see previous advice from your community.

API for your marketing site

For enterprise, associations and startup communities
Our API makes it easy to publish information to other websites, so you can focus on your community. You can also automatically pull in news about all your portfolio companies, and soon we’ll be adding automatic industry news feeds as well. (Check out Hyperdrive’s list of mentors to see a live example.)

Secure communications & calendaring

For associations and startup communities
We protect your members’ email addresses, so they can use our scheduling, calendaring and Google Hangouts integration without worry (important for communities with high-profile members.) We also provide qualitative and quantitative feedback on meetings within the community.


For startup communities
We make it easy to assign someone like an EIR or a mentor to a portfolio company, and they can save secure and encrypted notes about their company interactions. Coming soon: monthly and quarterly reporting features for portfolio companies.


For enterprise, associations and startup communities
We’re currently building integration with popular tools Yammer and Salesforce Chatter, and we’re continuously looking for new ways to create new value for our customers by integrating with new systems.

Featured customers

About Us

We have decades of experience building web solutions for internal collaboration, social business and expertise location at some of the world's largest financial-services, media and technology companies. We've conceived, designed, built, improved and rolled out systems for IT, human resources, marketing and sales teams.

Rob Darling

A former director at Manulife Financial, where he was responsible for technology strategy, including extensive work on collaboration tools and the company’s internal portal. Before that he helped introduce collaboration tools at Mohawk College when those tools were in their infancy.  He was featured in the Globe and Mail as one of Waterloo’s emerging entrepreneurs. By nature a product guy, idea generator and software engineer.

Michael Broadhurst

Marketing & Communications
Cut his teeth as a journalist in the early days of The Wall Street Journal’s digital presence, and moved on to communications and marketing leadership positions at Manulife Financial, where he built the first global enterprise intranet and introduced collaboration and social business tools to the company. He has been working with web products for almost two decades. His best ideas come to him while running, swimming and shopping for vinyl.

John Clark

Software Engineer
A software engineer with many years of experience working with a broad range of solutions, he loves the challenges inherent in solving complex problems. In the past he’s worked with major technology companies, including building internal portals for Research in Motion and an online store for Wyndham Hotels. He’s also delivered applications for two previous startups.

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